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www.c-date.se - internet dejting scams from Nigeria operating in C-date.se

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Scam Report: #0063325

www.c-date.se - c-date.se

internet dejting scams from Nigeria operating in C-date.se

Zochova 6-8
Bratislava 81103
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I have been using this website to date women online, i believed they were beutiful women coming from UK, and USA and other European Countries, but i have know learned they are all young teenage guys living in Nigeria Africa who do this scamming for a living, they uses this website online.dating <a href="http://www.C.date.se" title="www.C.date.se">www.C.date.se</a> as their main source of income, by scamming men from all around the world.They copy pictures from models from the model agencies, or pornsites and uses them as thier own photos,with fake stories, but in reality they are the teenage boys from Nigeria,the scammers.It starts with getting aquiented with each other, very soon after emailing back and forth a couple of times, they begin asking for money, for laptops computers, or internet connetion subscription, or like in my case this woman called "Sulian Sodiq or Remilekunsuliat" had an inherits from her late father to be collected in a bank in Dubai, $USD 1million and she asked me to help her to transfer the money from the bank in Dubai to my bankaccount. She had escaped to a refugeecamp in Dubai, so she lived like a refugee with a pastor and his wife, so she asked for money for the rent and to help her get by. So the email correspondence carried on, and begin to change into using MSN Messenger to chatt with each other, and we began to be more intimit with one and other, so after long time i send her more and more money then one day i helped her finally to go back where she came from South Africa i helped her pay for the flight ticket and the i never heard no more from her or he in this case since he is a scammer from Lagos in Nigeria, i have an insider source in Lagos telling me these teenager boys operates in cyber cafe in the whole country scamming people like this, and he have heard from his own that this guy was scamming me from the cafe in lagos, he found the right emailadress that i used to contact this woman to, and the name he used when ihe email me, so everything is correct info from my source.The Police in Nigeria gets pay-offs from the scammers so they can continue their activities they get as much as 20% of the money they collect on scamming so its big buissness in Nigeria for the cops.

but i believe the dark numbers of victims is even larger than anyone can see since all victims are men who are most likely not going to report or tell anyone about it since they are ashamed about it and are voulrnable and hurt, so they will not report it to the police or anyone else. So if u on Scam-checker can do something about it, then these little criminals will not continue their scamming and frauds anymore.


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They are not women , they are MEN. They use stolen photos from all kinds of sites including modeling sites.

There is no Pastor , No Pastors wife , no refugee camp , EVERY story is made up and they get you to feel sorry for them and send them money.

Nigeria is a poor country but these mules ( young men ) work for a big boss who gives them a small cut of what they earn from you.

Stop using these sites. They are filled with scammers , lying , stealing , destroying lives , taking your money.

Stop the site and change your email.

Find a nice girl in your city. Lonely men respond to these scammers because they tell you they love you fast , send you pretty pictures , tell you a SAD story .

Run from these dating sites !

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