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Unsure- no one person is listed Medsource RX Pharmacy - Medsource RX Pharmacy tricks diabetic patients into joining their home delivery program- then they can't unjoin!!

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Scam Report: #0064379

Unsure- no one person is listed
Medsource RX Pharmacy - medsourcerxpharmacy.com

Medsource RX Pharmacy tricks diabetic patients into joining their home delivery program- then they can't unjoin!!

Medsource RX Pharmacy
9883 South 500 West, Sandy Utah 84070

Phone: 877-221-0896, 877-577-7767, 877-215-0452
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When I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in October of 2010, my daughter wanted to help and found Medsource Rx Pharmacy who offered a free testing meter and initial testing supplies. Little did she realize that she was enrolling me into a program that we would not be able to get out of. We've contacted the company by phone, e-mail, etc. and very aggressively asked them to STOP sending the diabetic testing supplies each month. They are charging my insurance over $80 per month to send diabetic test strips and lancets.

This almost caused me to not be able to get the meter and testing supplies my doctor actually wanted me to use and did prescribe. By giving my doctor's name and insurance information to this pharmacy, they send the supplies as though he authorized them to send this, and he did not.

I have threatened to call the BBB about them, to contact their local consumer attorney, all to no avail. They do not return calls or respond to the e-mails. When calling the number on the "prescription slip" we ALWAYS get an answering machine. Their tactics are horrible and unethical. At this point, my only recourse is to contact my insurance company directly to let them know this company is bilking them out of cash for diabetic supplies that neither myself, nor my doctor authorized.

My daughter has apologized so many times for getting involved with them. She feels totally mislead by their tactics. On the website under the FAQ section, one of the questions is: How does your home delivery program work- to which they have listed--> "You give us some basic insurance information, and we will do all of the work. We will work with your insurance provider and utilize our unique resources to save you time and money on your prescriptions. Each month we will ship all of your diabetic supplies right to your door before your current prescription runs out. We will always contact you first by phone or email with a tracking number for every shipment. Renewing and refilling prescriptions has never been so easy - no need for those long lines and expensive copayments."

That is TOTALLY untrue! We can't even get them to answer the phone or an e-mail, let alone them calling or e-mailing to let me know any kind of tracking number or that a shipment is on the way. The package just shows up. Each time I'm shocked (although after 3 months, I should have gotten a clue!) that after being asked by e-mail and phone to stop the program, here is another shipment of supplies!

I should have called my insurance immediately the second time they sent a shipment. This has certainly gone on long enough and they have cheated my insurance company long enough. Clicking on "Help" on the website just refreshes the FAQ page.

So buyer beware! This is not a company I would choose to do business with based on their unethical and dishonest behavior.

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I HOPE you have closed your bank account to PREVENT them from further billing your bank account !

I think your over-reacting. Obviously your daughter made a stupid mistake and none of this would have happened if you taught your daughter to not give personal information out like candy. The BBB gave them an A+ in their work ethics so obviously their doing something right. Teach your daughter to be more protective. Your obviously angry because you have been outsmarted and taken advantage of.

MARC, The BIG issue is not that her daughter gave out CC information.


This company is not HELPING the OP. She does NOT want the services. Hopefully many will see this and think TWICE before giving this company their CC information.

BBB practices questionable at best regarding who receives an A rating..if you know what I mean...watch 20/20 youtube. Because they have an A rating does NOT mean they are reputable in the very least....

Ha, why don't you give them a call on a working day then get back to me whether you talked to a real person eventually or not. I sure wouldn't call back a customer who is freaking out over the voice message and threatening to sue with an attorney. I can almost gaurantee the lady who wrote this article wasn't being polite in the first place. My point is if you, or your daughter, made the mistake of signing up for something you didn't want, "Man up" and learn your lesson and don't do it again. I wouldn't buy a car then 2 months later go back to the dealer and freak out about how much I got ripped off. This lady even admitted to not rejecting shipments after the first arrival. Smarten up!

Dear Anonymous,

Our priority at Medsource Rx Pharmacy is to assist patients who have diabetes in maximizing their insurance benefits so as to minimize their copays and out of pocket expenses. We would never send testing supplies to you without your doctor’s approval and we have no intention of providing you with a service which you no longer want.

As a fully-licensed pharmacy, we are required by law to obtain your prescription from your doctor prior to shipping any testing supplies to you, and your doctor has every right to refuse to send us that prescription. We were able to ship testing supplies to you only because your doctor provided us with your prescription for testing supplies. In addition, we have a full team of Customer Care representatives available from 8:00am to 8:00pm MT who would be happy to assist you with your request to cancel your account. They can be reached at (877) 577-7767.

We apologize for any misunderstanding that occurred and welcome the opportunity to assist you in resolving this issue as quickly as possible.

Tony Kaufmann
Medsource Rx Pharmacy

just received a call offering free test strips with no copay. i asked that the information be sent to me by mail so i could see it. i was told by the phone rep that"its not worth my time to do that " he refered me to the web site. IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT MOST LIKLEY IS NOT. SINCE IT WAS NOT WORTH HIS TIME, IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT WORTH MINE!!!!!!!!!!

In August of 2011 I got a call about reduced or Free test strips. (my wife signed up for a D-Life Website) I asked them how they got my phone number, they said from a survey. They said they had talked to my wife about my condition. and then asked me after the face if it was ok that they talk to her. I said well the damage is done now..

well, they said they could get me strips cheaper than wal greens. I said OK, proof is in da pudding, show me how many strips, and how much $$ . never got a reply call, 2 weeks later a new meter which i didn't order shows up with some medications I never ordered.

I called them, they said they would get me the right strips. about 2 weeks later, I called again. They told me I had to send back all the other stuff first. I was now out of strips. well, then they said to use what they sent,and they would get the right ones out. well, I got the "Free Strips, and also More Meds which I didn't need. well they said that's how they ship them.

I Told them I would like to Phone In and order as I needed. They said that would be fine.

40 days ago from today nov 18, I called to order test strips. I was told they were still free. I said I needed strips, 2 weeks go by and nothing in the mail. week 3 comes and I get a letter to call them about my account.

I call and am told my strips are $25.00 and that there was a "problem with insurance" I go Ok, charge them to my card and send them.. they said they will ship in 2 days. It's still cheaper than walgreens by $50.00 That was 18 days ago. I call today, and they tell me that they were just put in the mail today. Well, now I'm out of strips.. I 've waited 38-40 days from my order, and still haven't any product. I decided to let them send this shipment. My account was charged the $25.00 today, and If I don't see them I guess i'm out $25.00. but next time I won't have a problem of paying my $75.00 copay and having them right away as I need them.

I will not do business with them anymore. today was the absolute last straw.

If you think you will be saving money, you might, but your health could be at risk.

Mark R and Jerry A,

I work at Medsource Rx Pharmacy and I have personally looked into your situations to see if I can resolve some of these problems internally. We strive to communicate our program effectively and can see that that is not always happening. We have high expectations on service and cannot fix problems without hearing about them from our customers. We want to help diabetics save time and money to make life easier, not cause extra stress in your lives. Please let me know if I can help in anyway.

Thank you for your time,

Jenell Wilson
Marketing Manager
<a href="mailto:jwilson@medsourcerx.com">jwilson@medsourcerx.com</a>

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