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Scoresense - A scam!!

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Scam Report: #0063865


A scam!!

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I will have to call my bank tomorrow to dispute an unauthorized transaction for the amount of $29.95 from this piece of shit scammers!! I just gave them all my info to check my credit score for free for one dollars, but weeks later ( just minutes ago) I checked my account and saw this transaction. Stay away from this horrible, criminals!! I hope all of them suffer a great pain with satan's dick in their ass!!

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OTL*ScoreSense.com stole money from me also. I was charged $1.00 on 01/24/2011, then $29.95 on 01/31/2011. I never even ask this company for a trial offer. I never even heard of them until I saw the charge on my bank statement. I called them and ask about it, they told me someone with a different name then mine used my credit card for there service. When I ask why they would approve someone else to use my credit card, I was told some people don't have a credit card so they let customers use family member or friends credit cards if they don't have one of there own. They wouldn't refund my money until I filed a claim with IC3.gov. Now I can't get anyone in that company to help me get my money back. I hope to find out how to stop these thieves.
This company is stealing directly from peoples checking accounts without there permission. I am going to keep searching the internet to find out why they haven't been stopped yet!
PEOPLE BEWARE! Check your Bank Statements monthly!!!

I have tried through my credit card company and they refused to help me and the this company says I can't get my $29.95 plus my dollar back, because the thirty passed. We have to keep trying to find someone to help us in this matter.

I never heard of this company before either, for $1.00, they said they would give a free credit report. Today I received a charge on my card for $29.95. They are a scam. I hope there will no one else in our shoes.

Yes I made a mistake and got the report for $1.00.Then I see a charge on my visa for
$1.oo and then $29.95.I was conned into the sneaky scam also.

A real scam and they are pulling a lot of people in on it. I reported it to Discover and disputed the charges, they are looking into it. They will credit my account as soon as the realize it is a scam.

I reported SCORESENCE.com to the better business bureau. Which I hope everyone that is scammed by them will. Report them to the authorities, that is the only way we can put a stop to these con-artists!

Just got off the phone telling them I did not have any reason to use SCORESENSE and they said they had to give my information to cancel to the Front Office to see if I quailfy for a refund. THis is a real SCAM. I too will report them to the Better Business

Just got off the phone telling them I did not have any reason to use SCORESENSE and they said they had to give my information to cancel to the Front Office to see if I quailfy for a refund. THis is a real SCAM. I too will report them to the Better Business

Just got off the phone telling them I did not have any reason to use SCORESENSE and they said they had to give my information to cancel to the Front Office to see if I quailfy for a refund. THis is a real SCAM. I too will report them to the Better Business

Yes I also got conned into spending 29.95 for nothing.I think I might be liable for the 29. this first time but I sure am cancelling any further subcription

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I worked for scoresense. Wow what a company, you can rest assured they treat their employees the same as their customers so please be nice to us costa ricans when you call, cause they are only paying us a few dollars an hour. The call center is in Costa Rica next to the (SJO) airport. So the next time you are on vacation you can stop by and say hi in person lol If you want your money back all you have to do is say you are going to dispute the charges with your bank because they are a scam, this is a trigger word for them which all agents have to document and you will get your money back. So everyone who got cheated out of their cash call back and say if they don't refund your money you will dispute the charge with your CC or bank and call the company a scam. Problem solved and happy refunds. Remember to be nice to the agent you get, they get paid little of nothing and are yelled at all day from angry customers who got signed up with a membership that is creatively marketed in fine print.

I was also scammed only I was in gotajob.com looking for employment. This site asked me if I knew my credit score because some jobs will not hire you if your credit is bad. I clicked NO and was sent to OTL SCORESENSE.COM. I then saw it was only $1.00 to check my score...never saw anything that remotely looked like a $29.95 charge to my account. Just 4 days after they took the $1.00 fee, they took the $29.95 out of my account. I am now in the process of disputing the charge with both my bank and the nasty assholes who stole my money!

This company need to be investigated. They advertise for $1.00, you can get your credit report. Then they went in my account/debit and took $29.95. This is false advertisment. When I call to inquire about my money, the mand stated that it was blurry, and might of notseen the $29.95. My report was 0,0 all the way across. The only thing I seen on my report was places I use to live. I am going to file a claim against this company with BBB. I am sure that I am not the only person that this company did this to. I can not afford $29.95. I work pay check to pay check.

I feel a little more than stupid for falling for this scam. First off, my husband was curious about his credit score, so I looked for the "freebies" advertised on the web. Scanning the page for the offer, not reading any fine print, boy did I get taken! I rarely use my card and pay the same amount each month online automatically. Three months and three charges of $29.95. Boy, was I PO'd. Same run around from the company, blah, blah. I have written the Dallas BBB, the Texas Attorney General and am going to let the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) know about these people. They seem to operate several websites and none of them posts the recently enacted legal disclosure the FTC requires. Can't send the complaint on the FTC online form because they require an email address....and try and find that...as it is an imbedded email. I also sent Scoresense a follow up letter and am still waiting. Didn't notify the credit card company, so other comments read here have been helpful. Great website for those of us that need to VENT!

SCAM!!! Same as all these poor fools. Credit report for $1.00 turned into two charges of 29.95 in two months. (first one went through without my noticing.) Making the call to my bank tomorrow. Two and a half hours on the phone got me an account cancel ID number and the promise of an email from their corporate office in Dallas in reference to my request for a refund.

I also got scammed. I had received a letter from "the Comtroller's office" telling me my
identity was at risk because someone had hacked into the Unemployment files and also some
of the Veterans files. Then when I received the E-mail from Scoresense I asked for my report
which I thought was free and always they ask for you credit card number (I didn't know why since
I thought it was free). Now they are charging me for $30.95 total and will probably do it next month.
I am reporting a scam because that's what it is.

ScoreSense got me too! They absolutely refused to refund my money. Unfortunately I did not catch it right away so they got me for $90. I used the link from the unemployment site. Beware! The "free" credit bureau report cost me $90!!! They are crooks!

Yeah, I vote SCAM. 7 day trial for $1.00 then a twisted sentence in the email about being charged at the end of the trial. If this is in some fine print at sign up I didn't see it.

I applied for a refund, had my account cancelled and was told I didn't cancel soon enough in a later email.

Next step, go the another criminal business - Chase Bank - to attempt to get this back.

Stay away from ScoreSense - a traditional Internet SCAM!

I also was to get a free check on my score and called back to cancel the process only to be told I was too late, past the deadline to cancel. I was not! I want at least the $29.95 back... I won`t give them another cent. All they wanted to do was get me to continue at a lower rate of $9.95 a month. After saying yes, I felt on checking further...then I found this site. My loss....but no more $$$ to hem.

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