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Scam Report: #0063209

Premier Dead Sea Salt by Premier - n/a


Premier Dead Sea Salt by Premier
Any Pemier Dead Sea salt kiosks in St. Matthew's Mall
Louisville Kentucky 40222
United States
Phone: n/a
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I was at The St. Matthew's Mall when approached by one of their sales men. He asked if my long nails were fake or real. I told him they were real and thus began his scam. He showed me their nail kit and did two of my nails and while they did have a nice shine, I could've gone to a local store and bought a buffer and nail oil for $10.00 and gotten the same reults. Seeing I wasn't going for his product, he then had me wash my hands with their body/hand salts and when I rinsed my hands in the bowl there was dirt. Which he claimed to be dead skin. Admist all this he quoted a price of $106.00 for both items and that they would last 1 year. He also told me over and over that if in 30 days I wasn't satisfied with their products I could bring them all back for a full discount. When he still saw my hesitation he then offered to throw in 2 tubs of black sea mud for a person's face and body along with a large bottle of body lotion. All the while still saying if I wasn't happy I could return everything for a full refund. I went ahead and bought everything he had offered for the $106.00 he quoted and I signed a reciept for it. As I was putting bags in my car I noticed 2 sales receipts one for $106.00 and then the second one was for $349.80. I was mad and took everything right back into the mall kiosk where this guy was. I told him I wanted a full refund then and there and he went from being a smooth talker to mad and angry. He grabbed my bags and took what he though were both receipts (I had kept the one for the $349.80), in his anger he didn't realize he only had one of the receipts. He told me to wait there for him, took both bags and informed me he woulld return momentarily because he wasn't able to issue a refund. Ninety minutes still later whiile waiting, I called my bank and was informed that both charges had gone through and there hadn't been a refund issued. I was floored and I told them what had happened. They told me they had seen this type of scam happen before and to get to the bank asap. Upon arrival at the bank I was told the charges would be on hold but that I needed to fiile a police report for fraud before they would be able to return the $455.80.

I met with a police officer from St. Matthew's he listened to what I had to say and called a Detective to meet with us where upon they discovered that when I signed the original receipt for $106.00 there was another sales slip under it for the $349.80 and again I heard this was one in a long line of newer scams. This scammer in his haste to get away from me, hadn't realized he had accidently not taken the 2nd receipt. The Detective asked me what had happened and he went to the Mall immediately. Suprise, suprise the jerk who had scammed me was nowhere to be found neither was my money or my merchandise. The Detective found his phone number and tried to call him where he was hung up on numerous times. Finally, the Detective spoke with St. Matthew's Mall head of Security and they immediately spoke with a woman who was then working the kiosk. She admitted to knowing some of what had happened but she hadn't been given the whole story. She was floored when the Detective produced their receipt for $349.80 and she offered to give me and full and immediate refund if I would return the kiosk. The Detective and Officer both noticed that my total price was right under $500.00 which anything over is a felony.

I went back to Mall for a refund, the Mall Security guard was at the kiosk waiting for me and stood there while the lady gave me a full refund. She acted very nervous while giving me the refund but no greif. Later in the evening I spoke with the Detective and was informed she was so nerveous due to the fact that during her interview with the Detective she was informed her employee had a rap sheet and there were currently other open complaints about this guy and their company.

While I was lucky this time and will get my money back, it took me talking with and filing out papers with bank and filing a police report. I have learned my lesson and won't stop or be stopped by anyone who works in any kiosk at any malll in the future. As the saying goes "If something sounds to good to be true it's probably worthless".

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Peter White

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Peter White

That's because Premier is an Israeli company and one of the first things Israeli children learn is to steal.

Your comment about Israeli children learning to steal is unwarranted and completely off the mark. One thing I can say with conviction, Molly, is that the first thing your children will learn is PREJUDICE!!! Thanks to u......

You are an idiot

@Molly2343 Your comment is stems from ignorance! What would you know about Israeli children and how they grow up? Have you personally seen this happen? Or do you just listen to others idiotic comments and pass them off as true? Honestly, think before you write!!!! Just because this is the internet you have no right to be as rude as you wish! Others might make assumptions such as that the first thing that low class white children learn to do is to exert prejudice on others. Since I am not making assumptions, I won't make said assumption about you.

Correction: *Your comment [omit "is] stems from ignorance!

Correction: *Your comment [omit "is"] stems from ignorance!

I read this article and was absolutely floored!! I have been purchasing the Dead Sea Premier products at the local Mall Kiosk for years. I absolutely LOVE it...it has noticeably changed my skin. I am 48 years old, and although I don't have a lot of wrinkles, I still have the crows feet around my eyes. In just 60 days, my older sister, who regularly gets botox injections, asked me if I got botox?? I laughed and said "Nope...just salt from God's blessed land!" lol! Anyway, every single person there, from Israel, was wonderful! They are the sweetest people. I am Italian, and as such affectionate in greeting. I just have to give them a BIG hug before I leave. :) Yes,are the sales approach a bit pushy? So what - what good salesperson isn't.....ever go into a "marketplace" in New York, Southern Florida or the Caribbean Islands? Talk about pushy? At least these men and women are kind and gracious if you decline. I am so sorry that you had a bad experience. But, in all fairness, the product speaks for itself and it isn't fair to judge an ENTIRE nation on one man's bad act.

I live in Australia but have just come home from 3 weeks in USA. I went to the Mall of America and was stopped by a russian girl who started her spiel by doing my nails, but i already have that product so she showed me the salt. I ended up buying a few of their products and got some thrown in free... but i am not so naive that i believe they didin't recover their costs somehow. Having said that, i really like the product, i have noticed a difference in my face after only a month, sure she was pushy but that is how she makes her living, but certainly not as pushy as some i have come across. After reading the initial story here i immediately checked my bank acct, but they didn't take any more than what was on the receipt, there are dishonest ppl everywhere not just in kiosks. i have been scammed before and i feel sorry for Smarsos1 for her experience, it was unfortunate. Molly2343 you should be ashamed for your comment about israeli children, such ignorance.

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