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movieberry.com - Fraudulent movie download website

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Scam Report: #0063417

movieberry.com - movieberry.com

Fraudulent movie download website

Address: 119049, 4/2, Donskaya street, Moscow, Russian Federation

Phone: Telephone: +1 (620) 464-44-77
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movieberry.com looks legitimate but they just stole my money and I've had to cancel my credit card. There are many reports online about their fraudulent activities and they have ripped off many many people. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THESE LOW LIFE SCAMMERS !!!
I signed up for movie downloads and paid a one off sum of AU$30. I can't log back in and there is no way of contacting them. It seems like they then continue to take people's money on a monthly basis without consent. Once I read their TOS - the alarm bells started to ring and when I didn't get any confirmation of membership emailed to me I cancelled my credit card. There's no way to contact these crooks - DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH THEM !!! I have reported them to the ACCC

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I have been using Movieberry since December last year. I have had no issues. The poster says "It seems like they then continue to take people's money on a monthly basis without consent. ". This hasn't happened to him and so this is only a vague allegation.

Firstly you don't pay monthly. You pre-pay an amount and you are then charged per movie until your credit runs out.

I wonder if the person that says he has been scammed has done the following.

1. Made a type on his email address.
2. Not checked his spam folder.
3. Clicked on an email that spoofed Movieberry instead of going to movieberry.com.

Note that the credit card payment is a secure site which means that the company involved has to provide extensive proof of being a legitimate business. I am VERY doubtful of this report.

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