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Joanna William Ausfis Inc. - Just to find out if real Australian migration agent - they took me 359 euro!

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Scam Report: #0063302

Joanna William
Ausfis Inc. - ausfis.org

Just to find out if real Australian migration agent - they took me 359 euro!

Ausfis Inc.
Phone: +61 - 3 - 9001 - 5905
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want to find out the MARA registration, cause they took me already a money.

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AUSFIS is an application review service for the Australian immigration, servicing hundreds of thousands of applications a year.

This is a great service for those who want to immigrate to Australia and want to improve their chances. For a small fee, our company ensures a person's application will get the highest score possible.

All too often, people who register for this wonderful opportunity do not make into the front door due to them seaming to be under qualified. Whether the application was not filled out correctly,

By just visiting <a href="http://www.Ausfis.org" title="www.Ausfis.org">www.Ausfis.org</a>, a person can learn exactly what this company does. We are quite clear about our application review services for the Australian immigration and the differences between using our service as oppose to doing the program alone.

We also has a 24/7 customer service center and provides information about the Australian immigration in 14 different languages.
With thousands of winners every year, our clients have expressed their appreciation to us and we have posted some of their testimonials on our website <a href="http://Ausfis.org/Testimonials.asp" title="http://Ausfis.org/Testimonials.asp">http://Ausfis.org/Testimonials.asp</a>

We employ a few Australian immigration experts that help our customer fill out the immigration forms; they go over the CV and interview the client to help them get the highest score possible.
Regarding the wording- Obviously no one has to do anything they do not want to. And I am sorry if using the word “must” has offended anyone.

Dana Smith
<a href="mailto:danas@ausfis-mail.com">danas@ausfis-mail.com</a>

Today February 09 I’ve received a couple of emails from <a href="mailto:usafis.co@post.com">usafis.co@post.com</a> and <a href="mailto:states.dv.usa@usa.com">states.dv.usa@usa.com</a> both stating that I have won, among those randomly selected, a United States Permanent Resident card, the email was sent to me asking for a money transfer by Western Union for $684 prior to February 24 to this address

Name : Michael White
Address: 24 Grosvenor Square
London, W1A 2LQ
United Kingdom

I will like to know if Ms. Dana Smith of ASUFIS and USAFIS PR projects could help me to realize if these email are legit or just a scam. Being this an email sent by a fraudulent organization, I will also like to know if USAFIS organization its taking the matter into hands, knowing the possible name and address of the person trying to pull it off

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