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Jasper Contractors - Jasper Roofing Fired After ONLY 2 weeks?!

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Jasper Contractors - jaspercontractorsinc.com

Jasper Roofing Fired After ONLY 2 weeks?!

Jasper Contractors
3400 CornHusker Hwy Lincoln Nebraska 68504 United States of America
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^^ oh how i wish i could underline that a few more times.

Firstly, i was contacted about working for this company through my friends brother-in-law, he sat me down, discussed a few things and explained to me that the expectations for a person starting out in the company were not that high and that i would be sent to Lincoln, Nebraska for a training period until after Christmas, when i would be sent to Phoenix, Arizona for more permanent work. Jasper informed me that they pay a 30k base salary plus commission and sweetened the deal when they mentioned paid health care and a paid hotel (the only real money out of pocket was my travel). For a 20 year old, that's a big step up from working at wal-mart like most my age.

So, I basically leave my friends, family, and girlfriend in Tennessee (almost a thousand miles away) to come to Lincoln to work for these clowns. I've never been in sales, nor done anything involving construction, so naturally i would have to learn about the company and their processes as well as basics about roofs. My "training" with the manager lasted 2 days and consisted of inspecting 2 roofs and signing ONE contract. (Great training huh?)

As a side note I'd also like to add that during my 2 week stay in Lincoln, it didn't get above 35 degrees. Most days it was in the teens. Now, nobody wants to open their door to a door-to-door salesman in the blistering cold, i know i wouldn't. And then they expect us to explain that its OK to remove their roof and put a new one on in this type of weather? Any INTELLIGENT person would tell these people to get back in their trucks and go back to where they came from.

On my last day with Jasper Contractors, I met with an insurance adjuster and got my first roof bought, went back to the office to input some information about the sale into the computer, and was FIRED soon thereafter and was told that i was not "living up to expectations" that were never explained to me NOR was i ever told that i would need to step it up a little bit.

All in All, I spent upwards of 400 dollars in gas to travel, and the night before i was fired spent 100 dollars on food that is sure to go to waste on my 13 hour drive back to Tennessee, none of which the company will reimburse me for. I warn anyone who is considering applying to work for these clowns to think twice before accepting the job, they'll just take you a thousand + miles away from home and send you packing soon after.

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sounds like you were probably sittin in your hotel room , staying warm instead of selling roofs , leeching off of the company !!!!!!!!.....Grow up and learn that in the real world , you have to sacrifice to earn a living !!!!!!!!

Laughingatyou, sounds to me like you work for them. They are a crappy company to work for, as I have expearienced it myself. Unless you S... weddings d... you get no where with them. I have more pride than that, sounds to me like you give good h... :)

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