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james edward - romance scam/money scammers/fake documents

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Scam Report: #0063695

james edward

romance scam/money scammers/fake documents

james edward
stevenage city london great britain

Phone: +447031742799 & +60146307053
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first knew him at dating site, started to make up story about his life as he work as an architect in sraymax company in london, his wife is died coz of 2nd baby case, & he need someone to take care of his 7 years old boy, and he is beneficiary from his late father (he noted his father did a contract with the Kuching Government in Malaysia on Estate Development.The contract was awarded to his late father through the contract award committee in Sarawak and he executed the contract with the locals as foreign contractor cannot get a direct contract with the Government without involving the locals and thats why he got it through the Local Contract Award Committees. After awarding the contract, the Kuching Government released 60% of the whole money to him as mobilization fee to start the contract. his late father executed the contract and died immediately he finishes the contract.Through prayers and series of petition sent to the Kuching Government via his late father’s lawyer, the Government has informed the next of kin to come over for the balance payment. The balance payment of the contract is Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United State of American Dollars. he said that his mother is already old and don’t need the money for any reason. So she said that he & his future wife (he said he wanna marry me) should use the money and start new life. after all his bullshit story then he told me that he is landed safely in malaysia n the contract has been done succesfully, n in the next day, he was telling me to help him to full the payment for the rest of the balance for the tax n VAD 5 % of the amount. he promised me to give the money back once the government issue the certificate. and again in the next day he called me n said he decided to transfer the money to my account as he gonna spending sometimes before he is going back to UK, and its gonna take time if he has to transfer all money to his UK account n he is about finished all the money in malaysia. I was fighting so much as its such big amount n so risky, bt then I ended up after he begging me, n told me only this way he could do now, untill he meet me and arrange the marriage. after a day, he send me some document, which i have to sign include all my bank account detail, and again for all of this he send me email which is telling me to support him some money to pay the lawyer fees, court stamp, and advice lawyer about US$5000, so he could finish it asap, n if he cant pay the court will arrest him. at this point I feel so tension for all of this. and I decided to not send him any money after I get lost more than US$2000. untill now, i always check him on yahoo as i still save his id, n he still activate his id n i knew he is trying to get another victims as he always updates his yahoo with some new woman names.
Noted : I have all the receipt wire (WU), all the documents, and his pic & his family.

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