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iMovies LLC Cinema Den - Deceptive Sales for Free-trial

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Scam Report: #0063820

iMovies LLC
Cinema Den - cinemaden.com

Deceptive Sales for Free-trial

Cinema Den
2711 Centerville Rd, suite 400 in Wilmington DE 19808

Phone: 877-799-6850
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This company appears to deceive new customers by hiding in the Terms & Conditions that after a free, 5 day trial you will be charged ($39.95/month) for a premium account, and there are no refunds. The telephone number that appears with the charge on the bank statement is incorrect, although I was able to find the correct number on the website. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the customer service representative hung up the phone. The Terms and Conditions state that disputes and governing law is Canadian although the website displays two branch locations for the parent company, iMovies, one in the United States and the other in England.

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These guys are thugs. Dealing with them was disgusting. Their movie collection is worse than any free movies site. I was charged 39.95 before end of 5 days trial period. Talking to them over the phone and trying to resolve an issue is next to impossible. I do not have time to take this matter to law but honestly I am surprised scams have reached this level in USA now.

They claim to carry my film although verifying that would require me to set up a membership. If they do carry my film, I could go after them because they do not have the rights to it. So, they're either lying about carrying my film, or illegally carrying it. Either way they're bad guys - avoid 'em.

How should I proceed to cancel immediately my account with them? Should i cancel my card?
which number should i call? the number above? I am calling from Paris. Thanks
Phone: 877-799-6850

I immediately cancelled. I thought I saw something suspicious about this site.

I immediately cancelled , because I felt something suspicious. They didn't have any movies listed that I wanted. They seem very deceiving.

I was about to sign up with this company, but decided to check it out first..I'm so glad I did. After reading these comments, I'm staying away from them. Thanks for the alerts!

I always google any company before I do any business. So glad I did this time and immediately this site came up. Thank you scam checker.

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