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Ghobadi Amir U.S. Property Acquisition Services - Auction listed product falsely, After dispute they said I didn't return items but I have USPS proof they received.

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Scam Report: #0063410

Ghobadi Amir
U.S. Property Acquisition Services - seizedaquisitions.com

Auction listed product falsely, After dispute they said I didn't return items but I have USPS proof they received.

U.S. Property Acquisition Services
12810 Wisteria Drive, Suite 201, Germantown, MD 20874

Phone: (301) 528-0585
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Listed products in auction styled sales under the guise of a government authorized company used to sell items seized from individuals by the US government in my opinion. Purchased two items. One was described as a 'vintage Chinese jewelry box' which was in fact brand new and made to look 'vintage'. The second item was a 'jade, pearl & gold bracelet' which was a fake. The jade was actually compressed jade dust, the pearls were not real and the gold was not real. This service said that I had to get both items appraised and then dispute them. The appraisal would have cost me $100+ and my opinion is that a service like this, which touts themselves as professional, should have items looked at by a professional appraiser before selling them in my opinion.

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You can do FAR BETTER at any antique shop where you can VIEW the merchandise before buying. That means go inside , shop and buy. The Internet is not a safe or reliable place to spend $ 10 dollars or $ 100. Buyer Beware !

I ALMOST FELL FOR IT............
I must admit for a minute I actually forget the true nature of man.
For starters just compare the items for yourself. It's easy. Compare apples to apples..
Go to official product sites and study the details of their models against the made in China Knock-Offs this site will sell you if you forget the way of the WORLD...
A Lucien Piccard watch I considered and compared to the real thing didn't jive.
They say it's replacements/repair but I'm describing things that haven't been changed.
It's not the same for a reason so dont fall for it ...IT'S FAKE..................

I orderd 2 items from u.s. proprety acquistions 2 gold seperate rigs 1 cost $644.00 other $2,500 and apprasil suppose 2 come with it. I didn't pay 4 it yet they said they are putting my accocnt 2 collections and that forefited alegel binding legal internet contract should I pay get a lawyer or is there company legit there not even with BBB in maryland.347-262-5910

I would not worry about it, I would hope an attorney or a collecting agency would call, then let the product be certified by someone representable that is able to give you an full appraisal and then you could pay for the items.

Good Luck

Yep I should have read these entries B/4 bidding on coind that are in MS70, PR70 slab cases and are clearly no more that bag/roll coins some may have been removed from proof sets or mint sets but are clearly not handled correctly, scratches/fingerprints etc.

I bought what was described as a three piece collection hand painted turnovo bulguria pottery. Describes as elegant handcrafted pottery made with local clay and fired twice. Can be used to serve or as a decorative piece. an absolutely gorgeous piece.......Well I don't know which piece they were calling gorgeous, all three pieces look like cheap junk to me. They contain everything from smears in the glazing to pits in the clay, where airbubbles ruptured when fired, and very sloppy painting.....unless they were done as a third grade ceramic class project. Their estimated auction value was: $1000 - $1400....Well I paid $126,+ 14% commission , and $45 shipping, then they put the wrong address on the shipping label . Had to go and pick items up where UPS delivered them to (locally) . My guestimate of the true combined value of these three pieces would be around $20 - $30 dollars. As of now I have had no results at a refund or an exchange...Next try is PAYPAL...If that don't work ....Visa if that don't work...I guess I will put these items with the GARAGE SALE COLLECTION.....RIPPPPP OFFFFFF......

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