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George Cole NCESnow - NCESnow Scams 100's

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Scam Report: #0077383

George Cole
NCESnow - ncesnow.org

NCESnow Scams 100's

2480 Windy Hill Rd Suite 101 Marietta GA 30067

Phone: (770) 952-5168
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Beware of Mr. George Cole from NCESnow.org and EMGtoday.com Below is just one of 1000's of customers that are complaining about George Cole. Plus They Lost Their Merchant Account.

NCESNOW.org & EMGtoday Deceptive Service in Atlanta, Georgia

22nd of Nov, 2011 by User318367

On July 17 2011 I signed up with this company for credit restoration. I was told that in 45 days I would receive an answer from the 3 credit reporting agencies. I payed the company $345.00 for this service. At the beginning of September I emailed the company twice asking them about outgoing of the process and they never answered my emails. On 9-8 2011 My husband sent another email telling them that he was going to report them to the BBB,The FTC and the State General Attorney and the following day he received a phone call from Mr George Cole telling him that they never received the emails because an ex employee never had sent the disputes but that on that same day he was sending the disputes again and we should get an answer before 45 days. On October 19 2011 my husband send them another email since we had still yet received any answer from any of the credit reporting agencies or their company and that we request a refund of our money payed to them for the restoration service.The following day 0ct-20-2001 we received an email from EMG saying that they would not do a refund until the end of all 3 dispute letters and that their would be $100 that they would not refund for the service. What service, i would like to know? It has been 3 months since we started and it should only had been 45 days before we would receive an answer form the credit reporting company. I demand a full refund since nothing has been done to my knowledge since no proof of them sending any letters of dispute has been proved.

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