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Don't have that information Pharmacy Discount Network/Health Benefits Network - Scam

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Scam Report: #0064773

Don't have that information
Pharmacy Discount Network/Health Benefits Network - pharmacydiscountnetwork.com


Pharmacy Discount Network/Health Benefits Network
4410 Massachusetts Ave. #106, Washington, DC 20016

Phone: 1-877-513-1935
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The Pharmacy Discount web site listed Wal-Mart as a participating pharmacy, so I called the one in a near-by town and spoke to a pharmacy asst. She verified the pricelisted on Pharmacy Discount's website and assured me they accepted the card. I drove all the way over there only to discover they DID NOT accept the discount card!!

When I called the 80# listed on the back of the Discount card to complain I was told Wal-Mart often denies the card.

So, I checked for pharmacies in my area and the price they would charge for a prescription I wanted to fill. I visited each one, and EVERY ONE told me they did not accept the card!!

It appears this company is not legitimate, but I can't see what they are gaining by claiming to give discounts when the pharmacies are not participating.

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I am guessing this company is making $6.95 off each one of us. I wonder how many people have to be taken advantage of before the BBB does anything?

This scam is ripping off pharmacies, which is why no pharmacy wants to take it. It "dictates" discount prices that pharmacies cannot afford to take AND it charges fees to the pharmacy for every prescription it fills! This is why there is no cost to the customer.

These should be illigal but since it is not insurance it seems to be unregulated. Try filing a complaint with the BBB?

Pharmacies fight this battle all the time, consumers are just not aware of how the process works.

I got one of the cards in the mail today. I didn't send them any money for the card. They don't have any of my banking information, so how did I get the card paid for? I really hope that this is not a scam. I am recently divorced, and lost the insurance coverage that I had - my medicines are $212 a month!!!! To top that off, I work at a seasonal job that just ended.

After getting the expected run-around when I called the phone number on the card, I filed a complaint with the FTC.

Filed a complaint with the FTC.

got free card in mail is this a scam dont want my insurance messed up cause of this

Really? Are you guys kidding me? You got the card for free???

I just received the Pharmacy Discount card from Health Benefits Network out of washington, DC. I'm doing some research before I try to use it. I hear good and bad, scam or not, I don't know. I didn't ask for it, but I have recently lost my job and have no insurance. I've been looking for reasonable health insurance so maybe they got my name from those capture pages. I've been without my meds for a few weeks now and may just go ahead and use it and see what happens at my CVS pharmacy.
If you already have insurance to cover your copay, then dont use it. My personal opinion and 2 cents worth.
Thanks for reading and good luck.

I have been married for four years. I got one of these in the mail under my maiden name which I don't use anymore. Seems odd... but I can't figure out how it would be beneficial to the sender?

how can i gain access to your personal information, that i can sale or compile to compromise other internet transactions that you conduct ??

COnfucious say: unsolicited means u may get s%itted

NOTHING is free !!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got one of the Pharmacy Discount Cards in the mail. Seems too good to be true. Either the users of the card or the pharmacies will get taken. I'm going to shred it.

I also go one of these cards in the mail. I paid nothing for it. I recently became unemployed and feel they are getting names from a list with our names on it. I have read the pros and cons and may just try and use it as I have no insurance. You know what they say though, If it sounds too good to be true it probably is????????? Just my opinion.

Printed out a coupon on the internet for a prescription that my insurance does not cover, took it to my local CVS and got 75% off the cost of the MED. Just got the card in the mail, haven't used it yet and it didn't cost me anything to get it.

I have no insurance and have used this card for over a year at local Wal-mart. I received about a 50% discount on 1 of my Rx's for that time. I went to same pharmacy with a new Rx for same meds and it took nothing off the price. No one can tell me why, not pharmacy or "Pharmacy Discount Network"

This scam is still too new to fully know if it really is a scam. I have gathered different facts from different websites and as far as I can tell it is a double sided coin. The letter didn't had a stamp which tells me it is a real business or really the U.S. government. What I have noticed is that when people see "up to 75%" they think it is going to be 75% all the time, which explains why so many are saying it is too good to be true. As with me I haven't requested, paid, have no job right now, and I even don't have a bank account. I really don't see where they can take my money if it is in paper form. I also heard you shouldn't use it if you're being covered by insincere. So far I have yet to "TEST" it and so have many other people that are saying it is a scam.

Before anyone of us can truly mark this as scam we must do more than research online, but test research ourselves. I am not saying we should use the card and get "trapped" but to use the card and see if they accept it. Hint: Scams mean they get access into your money, aka bank account, by getting info. As far as I seen, if they already know where I live, my name, and that I am not "covered" (I am covered) then why are they not saying something like this...

"you have been randomly selected to use this card! All you have to do is go online and fill out the form to activate it!!!"

It is already activated as I can read from the letter. The only thing that it says I have to do is when I go to the pharmacy I just need to show them the card and my state ID (anything saying it is you really) and maybe donate 20 dollars to some sick children.

Overall, I haven't yet tested this out and it is kinda weird to get a card. But I highly doubt it is a scam since very few have tried it out.

According to the person I talked to, a group of investors ( ??? ) put money into a fund to start this. When you get a discount, a part of the discount goes back into this fund to help pay for someone else's discount. Sounds good right? Well, do I want to sign up for Value Pack at $29.95 per month? No? Well, then I qualify for a "free" Carribean Cruise, a $600.00 value......etc. This card is just a way to sign you up to receive every nuisance offer in the world. Accept and forget to cancel and they charge your credit card or bank account. No way anyone gets my banking information or credit information.
If this card is legitimate, I will wait until I know more but right now it looks very suspicious.

How did they know what med i take? it said i requested these cards no i did not.. so they must not be on the up an up

Pharmacies prefer doing business with organizations with which they have a working relationship. The Health Beneits Network tries to assert itself between you and your pharmacy. This organization will be short lived. It is an "indirect" scam.

I only used this card once and it saved me a bunch. Don't know percentage because I didn't figure it out. All I know is it saved me more money than my Physicians Mutual Card????

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