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Cinemaden.com Cinemaden.com - Cinemaden.com Scam

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Scam Report: #0063111


Cinemaden.com Scam

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Despite receiving the email below after registering, Cinemaden continued to charge my account without giving access to movies. Their FORGOT PASSWORD does not work <a href="https://www.cinemaden.com/members/login" title="https://www.cinemaden.com/members/login">https://www.cinemaden.com/members/login</a>, which means there was NO WAY to log into my account and no human being answers their call service. Despite send using the "forgot my password" over a few days, NO EMAIL was ever recieved except their intial email below plus DEBITS from my card. The only other email I got from them was the "Automated Cancellation for CinemaDen" email using their telephone cancellation service. The service hung up after I wanted to speak to an operator/human being.

User Beware Cinemaden.com --- i should have researched and taken advice from review posts online suggesting it was fraud or scam before entering my card details.

Email received telling me i had NOT completed registering:

Dear Cinephile,
Our records show that you were unable to complete the signup process for a CinemaDen Regular Membership.
We would like to reassure you that there is NO COST associated with this offer, guaranteed.
For your convenience to watch movies instantly, we securely store your billing information during the signup process.
NO CHARGES will appear on your statement when you signup for a CinemaDen Regular Membership.

BUYER BEWARE. I am posting this so others do not waste their money, time or card details on Cinemaden.com

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I second the first opion left about cinemaden.com. I suggest to research this website first, before you decide to join. It is very difficult to cancel! I have also signed up to watch a movie they listed as available. I then learned that the movie is not available.

There is a whole wagon train of fake movie web sites out there skimming people's bank accounts left, right and centre. All you have to do is give them your bank card details and they will do the rest. Simple check with Cineamuse, Moviestrip, Cinemaden, blah blah BS websites is that: 1. You can't read their Terms and Conditions because they're... NOT POSTED! 2. They often are so *&%"!XX lazy that they can't even be bothered to post links to the displayed Verisign, Visa, Mastercard websites to verify their connection with the business. 3. The 1.3 million 'reviews' of Cinemaden had NO LINK..!

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