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Carmen de Callada Carmen de Callada - Psychic Scam - Carmen de Callada - Invoices for Free Report

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Scam Report: #0067129

Carmen de Callada
Carmen de Callada - Direct mail

Psychic Scam - Carmen de Callada - Invoices for Free Report

Carmen de Callada
Postfach 101745, D-40837, Ratingen, Germany

Phone: +49 180 5008566
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Carmen de Callada is an international scam operating in UK, Germany and USA. Probably elsewhere as well. They use direct mail (not email) and promise a free report - basically telling your fortune. Then they invoice you and keep pestering for payment. I suspect they prey on the old who often pay just to stop the pestering. Here's my experience of them, or rather my father's.

My father is 79 years old - and slightly senile. Lives in the UK. I'm starting to deal with his affairs. I found a payment demand for £35 (GBP) from Carmen De Callada dated July 5th 2011, for "Analysis, Séances & Carabelic Table.

Letter was posted from Germany (Postfach 101745, D-40837, Ratingen.)

It's sad that my father's judgement has diminished to such an extent that he could have been interested in this kind of rubbish. However he assures me the report was supposed to be free. Perhaps he didn't read the small print?

I've found loads of complaints regarding Carmen de Callada via Google. I've not found a website or email address however. I think this scam is operated just by direct mail.

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