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Tony Washingon - PCH winnings of 1.5 and a Benz...is it real????

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Scam Report: #0060680

Tony Washingon

PCH winnings of 1.5 and a Benz...is it real????

Tony Washingon
Phone: 876-850-7234
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WINNERS INTERNATIONAL CLAIMING TO BE CONNECTED TO PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE! My first clue was the very thick accents by Tony Williams, Tony Washingon. The prize amount change a few times, but they said they represented Publishers Clearing House. They wanted to come my house with a TV crew to award my prize. The first man said I won money 2nd place and a BMW. The "lawyer" I was then transferred to said I won 1st place 1.5 million dollars and a Mercedes Benz. I had to pay $401 for the paperwork fees. I am an Accountant (luckily) so I asked him what would my taxes be on my winnings? He said the $401 dollars would cover my share of the taxes and the company was going to cover 90%. Companies are NOT allowed to pay the taxes on winnings at most they can be deducted from the winnings and the tax rate last time I check for winnings was 33%. I called the police first and they told me it was a Jamica number and a scam. The numbers given to me were 876-850-7234 this was supposed to be PCH for me to verify the contest, the claims department was 876-827-4079 to verify my winnings with the company. By the end of the call the man was practically arguing with me that I should not listen to the people who doubted them and I really wanted my winnings......I told him to go ahead and donate it to charity. The hardest part was not laughing at this man, especially when I told him I was 101 years old and he believed me and said he would never rip off an old lady. Watch out these guys will push this and push this and bury the fees in the "fine print." They get you excited about the money, the car, and being on TV. So Beware of this scamming strategies

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a sure scam. winning prizes doesn't have to pay that amount or any amount of money in the first place. it should be all at no cost. winning is winning. it is supposed to be like that.

this is obviously a scam... I guess we just all have to be extra careful when it comes to what we do.
So that only use it if you know that it's for real, other wise skip it and move on.
Thank you for the information

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