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The Mortgage Relief Law Center

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Scam Report: #0008441

Failure to do any work and now won't respond to me now that I want my money back.


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<div><span style=color:#999999><b>Company information:</b><br>The Mortgage Relief Law Center<br>800 N. Rainbow Blvd Ste 100<br><a href="/bycity/united-states/nevada/las-vegas.html">Las Vegas</a>, <a href="/bystate/united-states/nevada.html">Nevada</a><br><a href="/bycountry/united-states.html">United States</a><br>Phone: 702-948-7630<br><a href="/byurl/tmrlc.com.html">tmrlc.com</a><br></span><br>I retained them in May to assist me in getting my interest rate on my mortgage reduced, something I had tried to do myself through my mortgage company. I had to pay $1, 500 prior to work beginning on my claim. That was paid in June 2009. They would only call me to request updated check stubs and bank statements. The only other time they would respond to me is when I threatened to stop the remaining deductions from my account. This was in August 2009. Lonn Feuer, who I am told is the highest person I could talk to on the phone. Of coarse, he no longer had my file as it was forwarded to another party in Maricopa, AZ. He told me that we would have the claim settled easily within 60 days and I agreed to allow them to continue working though he admitently told me he had no proof of any/what work had been done and this was normal. The full deduction for the total of $2995 was removed from my account. I continued to send dozens of emails, make phone calls to both Lonn at the Nevada location and Roland Hairston at the Arizona location, all with no response. Finally in early October, I received a phone call from Roland. At this point, the 60 days have expired and I had spoken with my lender who advised I was in danger of losing my home. Again, I was told by Roland, it takes time, trust in them and easily within 30 days I should know something. Again, no phone calls other than from another associate at the Arizona location requesting authorization to speak with my lender, something they have had from me since day one and another request for more paystubs and bank statments. Then, nothing, again, more than 30 days had gone by, no response to my phone calls or my requests for a refund as clearly nothing was happening with my lender. Finally spoke with Brenda at the Arizona location, she had advised me she was in possession of my &quot;file&quot; and she was having difficulties speaking with my lender due to no authorization. At this point, I advised her, keeping in mind she advised me she had only worked for this firm for 2 WEEKS, to no longer contact my lender. I began faxing letters over to Lonn as he never responded to any of the dozens of messages I left him, advising them I no longer wished to continue this farse and to return my money. To date, I have yet to hear anything from him or anyone from the firm. I have filed complaints with both the Nevada and Arizona DA, BBB in Arizona and Rip Off Report. DO NOT USE ANY FIRM TO MODIFY YOUR MORTGAGE!!! I am now convinced, somthing I should have been in the beginning that clearly this firm and those like them are in it for the money, they don&#039;t care if you lose your home, they care that you pay your retainer and then put you off until normally, it&#039;s too late to save your home. If this firm was legitimate, they would have returned my money or at VERY LEAST attempted to contact me regarding the many letters, emails, phone calls...LISTEN to what everyone says about these scams. DON&#039;T LOSE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS you can NEVER get back.</div>

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