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Scam Report: #0044652

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Company information:secondmeta3018 N Lamar Austin Texas 78705Austin, TexasUnited Statessecondmeta.comI worked for SecondMeta for two weeks at the 'training rate' of 10 dollars an hour. When I applied for the job I was told that they would pay 10 dollars an hour base PLUS comissions. This coincided with the various ads they placed on monster.com and craigslist seeking employees for the call center.

It turns out to be a completely different story. After 9 days of working there at the purported rate of 10 dollars an hour, I was told in a meeting that included my coworkers that the base pay was only in Lieu of commissions. It wasn't 10 dollars an hour base + comissions, it turns out it was 10 dollars an hour OR comissions. I immediately produced one of the job postings and asked for an explanation. After about 15 minutes the supervisor came back into the crowded room and explained that it was a 'typo' in the posting. I immediately showed him another job posting from monster.com. He left for a few minutes, and then came back in the room, visibly troubled, and said that it was also a typo, and that he was not responsible.

Ok.. so i can understand that.. no problem I think to myself. But it gets better. During this time it seems 2ndMeta decided that the top producers were making too much money in comissions. They openly said that they were restructuring the pay to penalize the top producers. In no way did this benefit people new to the company, or for that matter anyone who worked there. Of course I discussed this change with my coworkers, never thinking that it was not allowed to engage in conversation about compensation.

Two days later I was called into an office and told I was terminated. The reason being is that I discussed the compensation plan (common to all employees) with my coworkers. Additionally I was being terminated because I had taken 3 cell phone calls that lasted no more than 10 minutes total over a two week time period. ( I said I would have been happy to sign out during those times). Just as one does when he/she needs to take a restroom break at this company.

After I was terminated I waited for my compensation for two months. It is nigh impossible to call them and get ahold of anyone there, and they will not return a call. Finally today I managed to get in touch with the director of Human Resources and ask about my paycheck. She told me I could come pick it up (after being told by the accounting department that they had no record of me). My math may be wrong, but as far as i can determine 10 dollars an hour times 2 weeks of full time work works out to about 800 dollars. The check was for 200 dollars. That works out to about $2.50 an hour. Since there is no record of hours worked on the pay stub, I can only assume it was hastily printed out while I was on the way there.

Of course I left several messages asking for an explanation, but as usual have not received a call back or any effort on the part of the company to contact me.

The CEO of this company is a person by the name of Christian Hunter . The name of the company is SecondMeta, or 2ndMeta. the address is 3018 N Lamar Austin TX 78705 .
The company is engaged in the business of getting subscriptions to lists of foreclosed properties, lists of public auto auctions, and the sale of coupon books. They take credit card information over the phone and sell these subscriptions on a recurring charge basis. (they charge the credit card once a month unless the customer cancels). (good luck with that).

The two main areas they focus on are,


the company website is http://www.secondmeta.com/

The name of the CEO is Christian Hunter. http://www.myspace.com/christian_hunter

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