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Scam Report: #0045349

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<div><span style=color:#999999><b>Company information:</b><br>Safeguard Properties<br><a href="/bycountry/united-states.html">United States</a><br><a href="/byurl/safeguardproperties.com.html">safeguardproperties.com</a><br></span><br>My personal home in Waterford, MI was in the redemption period and Safeguard Properties Inc. was contracted by National City Mortgage, MI to inspect, winterize and secure my residence. I was never evicted from my home nor never received letter from the mortgage company. My personal belongings were still in home and garage, and when I went to check my residence there was a lock box on the front door. Two days after, I called the mortgage company and they gave me the code to the lock box to get in. Upon entry I noticed my brand new leather furniture was stolen. So I called and made a police report w/ the local police dept. and notified both Safeguard Properties, and National City Mortgage about the theft. Safeguard Inc. states they will refer it to their legal dept. and National City states I have been evicted! Well, they said they will try to get my furniture back. Four days later I returned to the property and noticed power tools, hand tools and lawn equipment were now missing from the garage. So I called the police again and they added it to the initial report. Called Safeguard and they were STILL in process of notifying their legal dept. Spoke w/ &quot;Larry&quot; from Pioneer Corp. (sub-contracted by Safeguard) and he stated &quot;Take a number, it could be me or 50 others, because the lock boxes all have the same codes and keys in Michigan!&quot; I removed the keys from the lock-box after the first theft incident, and there was no evidence of B&amp;E on the first or second theft. So I take it that they have additional keys since they are all the same. I want it to be known that this is happening to more people than just me and it is bad enough that people are losing homes in this economy let alone to become a victim of larceny. Hope other victims will see this article and they too will come fwd w/ their own complaints to blow this scam wide open.</div>

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