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Reggio Kyle Reggiokyle@Subsea-oilandgas.com - Romance Scammer- Oil Rig Worker/Survey Engineer millionare

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Scam Report: #0062324

Reggio Kyle
Reggiokyle@Subsea-oilandgas.com - reggiokyle@subsea-oilandgas.com

Romance Scammer- Oil Rig Worker/Survey Engineer millionare

5262 Tully Road
Modesto California 95356-9706
United States
Phone: 44 7035972361 (satelite phone registered as in UK...another lie?)
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Reggio Kyle (name he used) contacted me through dating website: romanced me through email, IM messeges, phone calls...over a period of MONTHS, yes MONTHS!!..then invents some problem where he needs to have someone help him by lending him money as he says there is nobody in the world to will help him and watch his "back"...I lost thousands to him..he will tell you how he loves you eternally, that you are his queen, that he loves you for the person you are and excepts all your little faults, makes wedding plans, everything...you name it! Has you call him on satelite phone (expensive calls) to UK Satelite phone #44 7035972361 and he uses all types of sound effects to convince you he is out on a deepwater rig in the middle of the North Sea or where ever (like ship horns, tug boat whistles, storm sounds, etc). Has you email him at: <a href="mailto:reggiokyle@subsea-oilandgas.com">reggiokyle@subsea-oilandgas.com</a> also: <a href="mailto:reggiokyle@aol.com">reggiokyle@aol.com</a>. Gave false address of candy store in Beverly Hills as his LA address(he didn't even check it out himself): think it was 222 or 444 Cannon Drive, Beverly Hills. He sends you poems, sings you sweet little songs, sends songs from the internet, likes Savage GardenSeems to have a drinking and drug problem, but he enjoys "acting" so who knows what was real...he is a BIG TIME SCAM ARTIST and will take from someone who is down and dying...he doesn't care!!

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REGGIO contacted me on Cougarlife dating site. He is ALL OVER THE INTERNET though, Netlog, Facebook, Match.com, Urduworld.com->which shows that he does have middle Eastern ties and does speak another language which he denies...saying he only speaks English because he was discriminated against when growing up in Omen. He paints a story of being treated poorly after his parents dies, claims mother as Arab, father as Italian and other European...that he took his father's name and made it his last to honor him..->Kyle. His profile is typed out in all capitals...he frequently refers to things in his emails in the wrong gender...like he'll say your his knight in shining armor...probably from is girlfriend's files that she uses on men. This is a very commonly used scam story where scammer/he says he lost is wife a few years back in an auto accident...that it is too painful to talk about...in fact everything is "too painful" for him to talk about, that his daughter kinda resents him, lives in Russia with boyfriend that he dislikes...that Reggio buys her expensive gifts like Ferrari's, etc. He can be very sweet and pleasant to talk to...BUT once you give in to his charm...WATCH OUT...that's what he is waiting for! The story he used on me was that he had to leave his luggage with a company called "Delux Securities Currier" based in the UK before going to the oil rig site to work for several months ...he will tell you that there was a problem with the UK government seizing his luggage IF he doesn't pay to have it delivered to someone he trusts (of course that's you...his dear darling fiance...he may even call you his wife or wifey)...and that's when the money comes in...he'll ask you to send a money order/moneygram for something like 800 pounds sterling or approx $1300 USD, to pay for the delivery to the USA...tells you that you will then need to set up an account under your name...that the luggage contains $500,000 in cash and a check for millions from some fake made up Oil Rig work/job contract he made up...see all the time he will be telling you that he is just days away from coming home "to you" his only "family"...and that he wants to get married right away...he builds up your excitement by asking you about your dreams and what you long for in life...then how he's going to make it "our dream"..building a dream home or doing something sweet with him...really knows how to get to people...tells you how you are beautiful and special inside and out, blah blah blah...keeps you hanging on and on...there are tons of ladies out there who have this same story...ripped off and scammed by Oil Rig Worker in the UK...working off the coast of Scotland. I will be checking here frequently for comments..and would be happy to answer anyones questions on this guy. He has a couple friends: Chuck in Nigeria and some one named "Mike" how supposedly manages things out on the rig and is "like a father" to him. I am sure he uses other identies, names, emails...he will continue to tell you he loves you even when you know it's a lie..it is a HORRIBE ORDEAL to GO THROUGH!

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