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Quest Diagnostics

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Scam Report: #0051292

fraudulent billing


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<div><span style=color:#999999><b>Company information:</b><br>Quest Diagnostics<br><a href="/bycountry/united-states.html">United States</a><br></span><br>For a YEAR, I had a running battle with Quest Diagnostics regarding billing for a set of laboratory tests requested by one of my physicians. When the sent the bill to Blue Cross Blue Shield for reimbursement, Quest used a diagnostic code that was different from what the doctor used on the requesting prescription, AND also they requested the reimbursement in the category of &quot;medical care&quot; instead of &quot;diagnostic pathology.&quot; As a result, of course, BCBS denied the claim and Quest sent me a bill for$626.80, which is more than six times the &quot;usual and customary&quot; cost for that set of tests. For a while I went round and round with Quest, then I contacted BCBS and was told that the claim would be paid if Quest resubmitted with appropriate codes. I contacted Quest with this information, but they resubmitted the bill again with the same old codes they had used previously. Finally I contacted my physician and asked her office to intervene on my behalf. It took multiple interventions on my physician&#039;s part, including formal appeals to BCBS, before BCBS finally paid the claim. The &quot;allowable amount&quot; turned out to be $98.11, of which I was supposed to be responsible for 10% co-pay and BCBS paid the remaining $88.33 directly to Quest. Elapsed time: one full year. Interestingly, I have not yet received a corrected billing from Quest. I sent them payment along with a copy of BCBS&#039;s Explanation of Benefits. We&#039;ll see what happens. I don&#039;t trust these folks.</div>

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