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Nasser Al Hajri Corporation / NSH Corporation - Saudi Arabia

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Scam Report: #0007976

Wrong Complaints about NSH Corporation.


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<div><span style=color:#999999><b>Company information:</b><br>Nasser Al Hajri Corporation / NSH Corporation - Sa<br><a href="/bycountry/saudi-arabia.html">Saudi Arabia</a><br></span><br>Hi, <br />
<br />
My name is Paul Augustine, from Mumbai. I joined NSH Corporation as a fresh engineer and is working with this company in Saudi for more than 4 years with all my salaries, vacation and allowances received ontime everytime. It is sooo sad to see some irresposnsible people writing bad things about our company with 100% false things. Coming from a below average family in maharashtra, I can proudly say that, this is the company which helped me to built a house, to earn money for my parents and for myself.<br />
<br />
Regardless of the south Indian Management, they all treated us in a very good manner and provided us free food, accomodation &amp; medical in all our camps. I know min. 1000 people in our camp itself and none of us had any sort of problems as we all receive all the things promised at the time of recruitment and an option for Overtime work and payment.<br />
<br />
Anyone got an offer from NSH - Pls. join as this company will give you enough work experience to survive anywhere in the world. Contact me for any references - <a href="mailto:paulaugustine789@yahoo.com">paulaugustine789@yahoo.com</a><br />
<br />
With all wishes to NSH Employees &amp; management, <br />
<br />

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