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NAA - National Agents Alliance - NAA - National Agents Alliance | SCAM

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Scam Report: #0060128

NAA - National Agents Alliance

NAA - National Agents Alliance | SCAM

NAA - National Agents Alliance
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NAA - National Agents Alliance Very Deceptive With drew money time and again from my account Burlington North Carolina

Do not belive anything Ed Orell says Once you give him the Bank Account info He will keep debiting your Account long after you leave. It is people like him that give Insurance a bad name No Class.

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I am an attorney and we are currently investigating claims by NAA agents in a variety of areas. If you worked with NAA for any length of time between 2003 and 2010 and you were treated unfairly, we need your help gathering information. Specifically, if you experienced any of the conduct listed below or otherwise have any information responsive to the questions below, please send an email detailing your experiences to <a href="mailto:NAAinvestigation@gmail.com">NAAinvestigation@gmail.com</a>. Your responses will be kept completely confidential.


•Were you sold “duplicate leads” by NAA or its affiliate companies? For example, were leads sold to other agents either after or before they were sold to you as “A leads”? Were you sold A1, A2 or any other leads that were not as advertised by NAA?
•Were you incorrectly or excessively charged for leads?
•Were you told by NAA that leads would be available to you at lower prices than that actually charged to you for leads after you began working for NAA?
•Were you charged for leads that you did not purchase, but that may have been purchased by another agent in your “downline”?
•Do you have any information about leads being created by NAA or any of its affiliates and then sold to other lead vendors, other Insurance Marketing Organizations, or other agents that are not directly affiliated with or contracted with NAA?
•Were you misled regarding the quality, quantity or cost of leads you purchased?
•Did you ever have leads taken away from you and given to other agents at a lesser contract level, despite you having higher “close ratios” or “care ratios”?
•Were you ever misled about the age of any lead that you purchased from NAA or any of its affiliates?

•Have you been wrongfully terminated by NAA or an “agency manager” with NAA?
•Have you had any agent that you recruited for your “downline” taken from you by NAA or any manager with NAA?
•Do you know of anyone whose “downline” NAA was wrongfully taken by NAA?

•Have you been denied commissions from an insurance carrier based on actions taken by NAA?
•Have you been paid incorrectly by an insurance carrier or by NAA due to actions taken by NAA against you?
•Do you feel you have been misled by NAA about your income potential with NAA?
•Do you feel you were unduly or unfairly pressured to invest financially into NAA by any member of NAA’s management or marketing team?
Unfair and/or Unethical Business Practices:

•Did you at any time feel pressured to purchase “services” or attend “events” held by NAA or any of its management or marketing teams?
•Did anyone at NAA ever threaten you with termination, the removal of your “downline,” the cancellation of your lead orders, or anything else, if you did not purchase particular services (e.g., President’s or Master’s Club membership) or attend particular training events that were conducted at your expense (e.g,. National or Leadership Conference)?
•Were override commissions that were due to you ever paid to someone else?
•Have you been approached to sell insurance policies before you were legally licensed to do so?
•Do you have any information related to NAA managers sending either unlicensed or non-contracted agents into the homes of potential clients? For example, do you have any information related to sales being made by an unlicensed agent (at the direction of NAA), with the commission paid to a licensed manager that was not present at the time of the sale, and then a payoff payment being made by the manager or NAA to the unlicensed or non-contracted agent? Did anything like this ever happen to you?
•Do you feel any manager or agent of NAA encouraged or was himself or herself engaging in any form of insurance fraud?
•Did any manager or trainer affiliated with NAA instruct you to use sales methods that you felt were deceptive or unethical?
•Do you have any clients that have been negatively effected by NAA or any of its managers or affiliates?
•At any time have you felt misled or lied to about earnings potential with NAA, or the meanings of income levels touted by NAA?
•Have you experienced, or do you have any information about, any forms of sexual harassment or any racial, age-related or sexual discrimination carried out by anyone associated with NAA?
Please send any information you have about the above matters to <a href="mailto:NAAinvestigation@gmail.com">NAAinvestigation@gmail.com</a> and someone may confidentially follow up with you by email (or phone if you prefer; if you do, please provide a phone number). Again, all information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

Please also pass this along to anyone you know that experienced the conduct described above.

Thank you for your help.

Tough business! Not everyone is suited for this career, but the only reason an agent will fail here is if they never had it in them to succeed from the start. The insurance business is so intricate in description with many facets that aren't understood overnight - but the one thing that remains constant regardless of what kind of insurance you sell or who you're selling it for is that we are the most heavily regulated industry in the world (FINRA) and deceptive business practices are nearly impossible without attracting some type of attention from the regulatory authority. It's a tough world we're living in right now. Everyone is trying to find a way to keep their head above water and the attractive part about the insurance industry is that it can be very lucrative, but I would suggest you make certain you have it in you to succeed before you go wasting your own time. Finally, If you've come into this business and found that you weren't cut out for the job, don't be a FUCKING PUSSY and starting hiring attorneys to fight your bogus claims of unfair business practices. Remember, the world needs ditch diggers too!

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