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Michael Murray acid alkaline diet home study course

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Scam Report: #0054377

Michael Murray


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<div><span style=color:#999999><b>Company information:</b><br><a href="/bystate/united-kingdom/england%257Cleicestershire.html">Leicestershire</a>, <a href="/bystate/united-kingdom/england-region.html">England</a><br><a href="/bycountry/united-kingdom.html">United Kingdom</a><br></span><br>I ordered the home study course from MICHAEL MURRAY with regard to the acid alkaline diet. Unfortunately the site would not accept my email address so I had to provide another and I made an error on it. Needless to say, I could not get the home study course as it was a download only. The money was swiftly taken from my bank. I tried to contact someone to rectify the error, but there doesn&#039;t seem to be anyone to respond to emails or messages. I left several email messages and submitted 3 further messages on his website. So I decided to cancel the order and cancel my subscription. I contacted the URL givcn in order to cancel, and found that it was an autoresponder, so no cancellation was possible despite all the assurances in the advert. I have tried every way I can think of to speak to someone from Michael Murray&#039;s team, but the only way I could manage to post a message was on the forum. Therein lies a problem too - in order to do this my email address had to be provided, which the site said it would not show. What did they do? They posted my web address on the site together with my message of complaint. If I were you, I wouldn&#039;t have anything to do with this guy.</div>

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