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Maria Duval and Destiny Research Center

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Scam Report: #0044669

Bad direct marketing and scam


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<div><span style=color:#999999><b>Company information:</b><br>Maria Duval and Destiny Research Center<br><a href="/bycountry/united-states.html">United States</a><br></span><br>A friend of mine has been receiving daily mailings from her and she&#039;s NEVER signed up for anything with this or any similar company. In fact, she&#039;s a very devout Christian who would never buy anything relating to astrology, psychics, New Age, metaphysical, etc. We do not know how &quot;Maria Duval&quot; found her name or address, but for some reason she has been sending daily snail mail letters about Hotels del Mar and mystical talismans. If she was such a good psychic, then how come she didn&#039;t know that the person she was mailing to would not be interested? <br />
<br />
I&#039;m going to try to convince my friend to report them to the investigation portion of the U.S.P.S. and we&#039;re looking into how she can stop receiving these messages that she never signed up for in the first place. This is bad direct marketing and frankly it looks like a scam. I have researched her and while a couple of people claim she&#039;s legitimate, hundreds have claimed that Maria Duval doesn&#039;t even exist, so it&#039;s even more of a scam and &quot;she&quot; has supposedly been reported in many countries such as Canada, Australia, and NZ.</div>

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