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Jodi Berg and Loree Connors Loree Connors Vitamix Corporate - Vitamix Corporation to steel $ thousands from Affiliate Marketer(s)

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Scam Report: #0062112

Jodi Berg and Loree Connors
Loree Connors Vitamix Corporate - 3blenders.com

Vitamix Corporation to steel $ thousands from Affiliate Marketer(s)

Loree Connors Vitamix Corporate
United States
Phone: 801-623-3225
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You may all be familiar with Vitamix Corporation, a company that makes fantastic business and household blenders to fabricate great tasting smoothies. Vitamix has an affiliate marketing program for satisfied customers who bought the Vitamix 5200 blender and want to make some money on the side or for business purposes.

I sold hundreds of Vitamix 5200 blenders in 2008. I received phone calls from 3 different customers that the affiliate marketing associated coupon code for free shipping I gave them was not needed. Vitamix had told each of them that everyone receives free shipping anyway. This action disassociated me from the sale of each blender and I did not receive a commission.

In the beginning of 2009 I received the 1099 tax income statement from Vitamix showing my income was actually by $ 5,421 (or so) higher than I received in total as payment the year before. I received then a screen shot from the Vitamix accounting department to verify that there was money sitting around (my commissions) not paid out to me.

That in short sums it up. And guess what, Vitamix will not sue me for this as if I committed libel or slander, because it is the truth and they know I have all the evidence in hand. I am preparing a class action lawsuit. I am encouraging all Vitamix marketing affiliates to join in. Check your 1099 against your paychecks. Find a way to know all your buyers.

I am myself going to start my own affiliate marketing program, selling the OMNI Blenders, which are every bit as good in quality and smoothie blending results. The 3 hp OMNI V - vitamix compatible blender sells for $ 250.

thomas fox
<a href="http://www.3blenders.com" title="http://www.3blenders.com">http://www.3blenders.com</a>

<a href="mailto:lifestyle@123vita.com">lifestyle@123vita.com</a>

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