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Gulf Coast Western - Gulf Coast Western Complaint, Fraud, Scam & Environmental Policy

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Scam Report: #0060434

Gulf Coast Western - gulfcoastwestern.com

Gulf Coast Western Complaint, Fraud, Scam & Environmental Policy

Gulf Coast Western
Dallas Texas
United States
Phone: Voice 800-284-1782 | 972-284-0600
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Gulf Coast Western is committed to stringent environmental standards through the use of advanced drilling techniques, tools and procedures to efficiently and safely develop our oil and natural gas resources. This commitment has been an emphasis of the company since its establishment in 1970, and we are justifiably proud of our record in public safety and environmental quality.
Gulf Coast Western relies on contractors and operators that are equally invested in innovative drilling programs and initiatives that use advanced technologies and equipment that work together to produce fewer emissions, create a minimal impact on the environment and lead to enhanced conservation of valuable energy resources. In addition, Gulf Coast Western ensures that their contractors provide frequent training and education to assure that the safest and most advanced environmentally-sensitive techniques in exploration, production, waste management, transportation and storage are strictly followed.
The company focuses its operations in the Gulf Coast region of the United States as well as the Texas Permian Basin, under the direction of President and CEO Matthew Fleeger. Named to this leadership position in 2007, Mr. Fleeger is highly experienced in multiple areas of oil and gas operations and has been recognized as one of the top executives in the United States. He has personally placed environmental safeguards as one of the top mandates on his management agenda, to complement the efficient and profitable operations of Gulf Coast Western.

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sometime we must to complaint and be a apart of the society so that we have the concern to other companies and in return they also inter act or response to the concerns of others.

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