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Gate 1 Travel

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Scam Report: #0053527

Gate 1 Travel


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<div><span style=color:#999999><b>Company information:</b><br>Gate 1 Travel<br><a href="/bystate/united-states/new-york.html">New York</a><br><a href="/bycountry/united-states.html">United States</a><br></span><br>If you are thinking of booking a trip through Gate 1 Travel, please rethink. They are very quick and very nice in the beginning to take your money but do not deliver what they promise. I recently took a trip with a group of friends to Italy and we all booked our trip through Gate 1 Travel, a deal we found on Travelzoo.com. Upon arriving in Italy, we were told that we did not have reservations at our hotel and had to be moved somewhere else. The hotel we went to was in poor condition and smelly. We managed to make the best of our trip while we were in Italy. <br />
As soon as we came back to the states, we called gate 1 to tell them what had taken place in Italy. Not only their reps (the same people that were extremely nice when they booked our trip and charged our cards) were unhelpful, they were rude, and brushed us off as quick as possible. Needless to say, i will never book another trip through Gate 1 and will never recommend anyone to book one either.</div>

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