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Frederick Mann - a ponzi scam

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Scam Report: #0060479

Frederick Mann

a ponzi scam

Frederick Mann
Suite 88 Private Bag X12 Roosevelt Park, 2129 ZA

Phone: +1.6026040081
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This program is a revamp of other failed attempts to run this little money game. There is no mention of any products on the website at all

Bigbooster Ltd
Suite 88
Private Bag X12
Roosevelt Park, 2129


Administrative Contact:
Mann, Frederick <a href="mailto:tech@bigbooster.com">tech@bigbooster.com</a>
Suite 88
Private Bag X12
Roosevelt Park, 2129
Technical Contact:
Lindsay, Mark <a href="mailto:ml@bigbooster.com">ml@bigbooster.com</a>
101 Buckingham Ave
*****hall Park, Gauteng 2196

Registration Service Provider:
Hover, <a href="mailto:help@hover.com">help@hover.com</a>
<a href="http://help.hover.com" title="http://help.hover.com">http://help.hover.com</a>

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 29-Dec-2009.
Record expires on 23-Nov-2010.
Record created on 23-Nov-2004.

Registrar Domain Name Help Center:
<a href="http://domainhelp.tucows.com" title="http://domainhelp.tucows.com">http://domainhelp.tucows.com</a>

Domain servers in listed order:

Domain status: clientTransferProhibited

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I've been a member of Justbeenpaid since February this year, and all i can say is that i earned almost 400 USD since then, coming from my referrals and by the different income streams here.
There are training manuals in your backoffice and daily online conferences to help you.
So to me it definitely is not a scam.

Marja Opsteegh

The products in the back office are more than sufficient for any one to succeed on line. I have made well over $2500 till now and it is getting better and better every day so I can't rate Just Been Paid as a scam at all.

This is the best program on the net..bar non

When you can't login JBP has got to be kidding. Beware..........

I have had no problems logging in , so I would suggest that if you have had issues that you clear your cache and browsing history, and if this does not work make sure you are using your correct log in information as it is case sensitive,and if you have forgotten your details contact the helpdesk

The reason you can't login right now is because they have been moving their servers offshore and upgrading the security features of the entire site.

Once this is complete JBP and Tripler will be relaunched and grow bigger and better than ever.

Stop being a fool. If you think you know better then post it here: justbeenpaid.proboards.com

Fredrick Mann is not operating any kind of scam he his a very honest man, you will not find a better program than JBP.Nor one that you actually get paid.
When you upgrade a server and move it you can expect the site to be down, Fredrick is providing moderators and the conference room during this move for the members, he is also providing updates to every member to keep them up to date on the move.

Where is the money coming from to make so many people so much money...magic.....or other peoples money = PONZI

Ponzi schemes do not more than one source of income,that is where JBP, is different and is not a Ponzi
there are other sources for making money, and to answer your question in more detail, the money is generated from with in the company through ,member purchases I hope this clarifies your question for you

I am here to inform you that we also have products to enable members to become successful
we are training, we have a 24/7 conference which provides help and support to the member and a place
for potential members to come and learn . We also are opening a new training room to provide training to our members. And where the money come from , is upgrades and purchases ,if there is anything else I Can clarify please contact me ANYTIME . JBP is not a Scam, and the training is wonderful. By the way JBP has paid it members more 4 million dollars .

I am a living proof that JustBeenPaid is NOT a SCAM.

I just joined October of 2011 and now I am happily earning as a living!

My future is very bright with JustBeenPaid!

I know the feeling of a ponzi scheme and I've been scammed by so many HYIP sites online before..

But JustBeenPaid is different! JustBeenPaid IS THE REAL DEAL!!!

I pity those who accused JBP as scam when they are not even a member yet!

People, before you say JBP is a scam, you must experience it first! If you really think JBP is a scam, then become a member and invest $10. then if JBP scam you then comeback here and whine!

Nowadays, its very easy to tell if a certain program is scam or not.

if the program never pay a single member and member is not happy = SCAM.
if program is paying and members are happy = NOT A SCAM.

for me, JustBeenPaid is NOT A SCAM because I am very much happy!!!

I advice those who are hesitant to try JBP and join for free.
Nothing to lose by signing up for free and see for yourself!

You can say that again! I'm a living proof, too!

S C A M M E R S !!

I'm also proof that this scam pays me every week. I love when a scam actually pays.

yeah! if they're scammers, why do they pay us. JBP is paying me daily.

yeah! why do they pay us if they are scammers! JBP is paying me daily.

The wise search knowledge while the fool thinks it is achieved!
This Network Marketing company can withstand a dispassionately review.
JustBeenPaid and its related programs, including the Restart Feature,
are licensed under United States Patent 6,578,010.

The wise search knowledge while the fool thinks it is achieved!
This Network Marketing company can withstand a dispassionately review.
JustBeenPaid and its related programs, including the Restart Feature,
are licensed under United States Patent 6,578,010.

so far so good. I am also a member of JBP.

This is not scam or no ponzi but please keep in mind if one start any business there are chances you won't do good but restart feauture of JBP is the one which make it brilliant.

This is the best program ever. I can't believe I am finally making a living on the internet.

Ponzi????? i make my investments,now i wait to see de how good is it!!

imho forex leverage keeps jbp going i think. as long as there are forex traders who uses leverage, revenue will flourish in jbp

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