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Davison Inventegration

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Scam Report: #0045238

We Were Trained To Rip You Off


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<div><span style=color:#999999><b>Company information:</b><br>Davison Inventegration<br><a href="/bycity/united-states/pennsylvania/pittsburgh.html">Pittsburgh</a>, <a href="/bystate/united-states/pennsylvania.html">Pennsylvania</a><br><a href="/bycountry/united-states.html">United States</a><br><a href="/byurl/davison.com.html">davison.com</a><br></span><br>As a former Davison salesperson, I truly feel it is my duty to tell people just how heartless this company is and feels about the general consumer out there. It amazes me to see their web site and all the smiling and palm pressing &amp; the &#039;wonderful&#039; stories on the site about how great they are, all the companies they work with, all the happy customers, blah, blah, blah. The only thing is, I was on the inside for a long time and saw as well as heard first hand what really matters. We didn&#039;t make any money from royalties. What we made money from (and a lot of it) was you, the everyday person out there who believed enough in your idea to send it to us. Oh sure we sounded regal on the phone with a fancy BS title and a slick sounding recorded voice mail &quot;Mr so and so the Director of New Products can&#039;t come to the phone&quot;, and to be honest with you folks we didn&#039;t even know who the woman was on our own voice mails. That was something you better learn quick at Davison...do not ask a lot of questions. The money &amp; commission check was the key. We turned a blind eye on a LOT of shady/potentially illegal things going on there for one reason. Cash. At that point in my life that was the only thing that was important to me &amp; we got it in spades. We would tell people that we were &quot; thoroughly&quot; searching for manufactures or that your product was made for the &quot;specific manufacturing demensions of the corporation we are presenting it to&quot;, all lies lies lies. We didn&#039;t care less if your grandmother broke her neck chasing kids out from a burning car, if your payment wasn&#039;t in our office when you said it would be we would make your life miserable. Not returning calls after 5 voicemails from the paying customer or leaving a humiliating message for the inventor with one of their family members, whatever the case may be...it was a great scam, I mean the best writers in Hollywood couldn&#039;t have written better scripts than we used. Yes, we had to follow a mandatory script. If you had a rebuttal, we had a page to turn to to answer it, and they were all good. They were written by Frank Vescio and Anthony Valkanas, who also train the sales people. Valkanas used to sell Volvos for a living, so of COURSE he was qualified to be a Vice President of New Products (insert sarcasm here). Anyway people, we never met any of the design people, we were not allowed to call them interoffice, we as &quot;Directors&quot; never had one bit of input on your product and it was never &quot;presented&quot; to them, it was mass mailed just like the Pennysaver classifieds you get with your junk mail. So people take heed---you will get taken for 685 + they WILL tell you they have to develop it for 8, 000-15, 000. You will get ripped off and will be made a fool of.</div>

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