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Collabrea; Northwest Software, Inc.; Artech Information Systems, LLC; Adea Staffing

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Scam Report: #0016775

Scam job recruiting


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This is semi-linked to the following posting, because I found that after an interesting happenstance over the last 24 hours and have found several bits of information that seem strangely coincidental.

I initially applied to a job through CareerBuilder.com that was with Collabera. That was a stupid mistake considering the job description was terribly vague. Had it come through a random email, I would have ignored it, but figuring it was on the site I thought it to be okay to check out. Well, within ten minutes I got an auto response that is the EXACT SAME email mullinsj35 received. WTF? So, I googled 'Collabera scam' and lo and behold I found this posting. Well, I certainly won't be replying to that email.

I grew initially suspicious because I saw the phone number was area code 973, which is a New Jersey one and I live in Michigan. Then I remembered that I received some slightly odd emails yesterday: two separate consulting companies emailed me about the same job. Well, I though nothing of it at the time, then I received a call from ANOTHER company with the same job. I told him I would call him back after thinking over the pay rate (which was partially insulting), and he proceeded to call me back twice in five minutes about two hours after the initial contact. I ended up emailing him that I wasn't going to take that sort of paycut, unemployed or not.

So, what do we have? Three companies (Northwest Software, Inc.; Artech Information Systems, LLC; Adea Staffing) emailing/calling within 24 hours about the same exact job description. All three companies are out of state (Oregon, New Jersey, Texas; respectively). In addition to this, there is another company, in regards to a different job, with these details: sketchy job descriotion, apparantly asking for SSN's via phone (which is possibly illegal), sends out a carbon copy email to 'prospective candidates', and generally doesn't seem to follow 'good business practices'. We also have several different phone numbers to look for.

Northwest Software, Inc: 503-629-5947 (Name: John Smith [I just caught this and... wtf? lol])
Artech: 973-993-9383 ext 3358 (Name: Dheeraj Tyagi)
Adea: 972-354-4220 (Name: Lokesh PN; email also didn't include company info - sounds shady)
Collabrea: 973-598-3965 (Name: Punkil Patel), 973-854-9106 (Name: posted on CareerBuilder job descrip without a name)

Also, I googled the Artech number and came up with this:

Very interesting. Seems that Artech also asks for SSNs over the phone, not to mention they claim to be affiliated with companies who, when you call the company, say they are a scam and not affiliated with them. Interesting, indeed.

It seems that we should be on the lookout for Artech, Adea Staffing, and Collabrea for sure. Northwest Software could be legit, but they are in Oregon calling a Michigan resident about a Michigan job. That just... doesn't set right with me. Shouldn't they have an office here? Not to mention two other companies contacted me about the job. Hm.

I just hope to get the word out and help others. Research companies online and don't give out SSNs and other personal information via phone calls OR email. There are too many places trying to screw the unemployed. It's sad.

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