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Churchill County Cantaloupe Festival

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Scam Report: #0014665

Breach of Contract


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Company information:FALLON CANTALOUPE FESITVALFallon, NevadaUnited StatesPhone: donhardy@cccomm.netfalloncantaloupefestival.comTime to air some laundry.

I am the owner of Sierra Recording Arts, a small, Reno-based business that, amongst other services, provides live sound for events. We were hired to provide the live sound for this year’s Cantaloupe Festival in Fallon. What has happened is a prime example of financial malfeasance, breach of contract, bad faith and public ineptitude. Here are some of the details. I have also included the illiterate letter I received from the board president (now I know where Fallabama comes from!):

We provided the sound, lighting, dressing rooms, break area and assisted in MCing the event, though we only committed to providing live sound. The fairgrounds had insufficient lighting and no staging areas (their main act was Cowboy Crush (www.cowboycrush.com and their performance rider required a number of things Fallon was ill-prepared to provide, though they received the rider back in April). We were to be paid at the end of the event (September 7th). We have received nothing but the run around and lies and threats (my ‘threat’ in my conversations with “Essie” was to seek a legal remedy if we were not going to be paid).

For the county’s largest event, what an embarrassment. I was just told that the county turned them down for funding. I know it’s a small town, doesn’t get a lot of respect from surrounding cities. I must say, this doesn’t help. At this point, I have already covered, out of my own pocket, the expenses to make this work (to think we cut our rate to help out…but I guess the festival has cut the rate down to…free).

I have attached the letter sent to me by the president of the board telling me to stop harassing them (just trying to collect on a commitment that is now 2 months past due). Yet they keep talking about how great it was and looking forward to working with us again next year (no chance!!).

I will not go away. I will not be quite. This is an outrage and an insult.

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