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<div><span style=color:#999999><b>Company information:</b><br>BuyMyTronics.com<br><a href="/bystate/united-states/colorado.html">Colorado</a><br><a href="/bycountry/united-states.html">United States</a><br></span><br>BuyMyTronics is a scam! They lure you in with a high quote and then change the rules! <br />
<br />
I read through their website LINE BY LINE to ensure I accurately described my phone. I had a first generation IPhone and listed it as POOR in accordance with their &quot;How to Diagnose Your Iphone&quot; tutorial. It still worked, it synch&#039;d with the computer perfectly. There was no damage to my phone beyond cosmetic and I chose the 2nd to WORST option. (the worst option would be if it didn&#039;t work). I had the box, earphones &amp; everything to send back with it because I had purchased an upgraded 3GS, so I included everything. I was quoted $122, PLUS $5-7 reimbursement of shipping PLUS an extra 5% if I got it to them within 7 days. Well I paid $9 in shipping and it got there in 4 days. I received an email from Brett advising they could only pay me $44. I was upset and immediately responded that I fully disclosed everything when I was quoted, why the change? He went on to explain that there was damage that was &#039;more difficult&#039; to fix. I let him know that I was immediatley concerned they quoted me a high price to get me to send them my electronics and then changed the rules, lowering their offer when I was no longer in a position with many options (take the low offer, or request they send it back to me for $15+) I inquired if that is how they do business? Brett told me that was not their intention. I waited a day or two and when I calmed down, drafted a nice explanation letter to Brett. I outlined the EXACT steps I took on his website and copy &amp; pasted from his website to show the direction it led me. I told Brett i don&#039;t dispute some damage may be &#039;more difficult&#039; to repair, but felt at the VERY LEAST, their website and quoting process was misleading., whether intention or not, I wasn&#039;t yet sure. He quoted me $135 (w/ shipping reimbursement &amp; 5% bonus for getting in there in 7 days) then offered me $44. I told Brett I felt they took advantage of me, and the most appropriate thing would be to file a BBB complaint. Since that would take a lot of time for both of us, I offered to compromise and accept $75 full and final, end of story. I never heard back from Brett. 2 weeks and 2 more emails to Brett and still, nothing. Now i&#039;m upset because not only is he ignoring the customer, but he still has my phone. I sent him a final email requesting a response to my request to resolve this for $75 yesterday. This morning I received PAYPAL payment of $44. I emailed Brett to advise him I would be filling a BBB complaint and his lack of interest in following up with his customers or providing any type of customer service leads me to believe their website is in fact misleading on purpose. If this site is not a SCAM it comes as close as you can possible get to it. BE CAREFUL. I have to go file my BBB complaint now.</div>

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