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Consumers say Thank you, Scam Checker!

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ScamChecker™ Customer Testimonials

ScamChecker™ is doing everything we can to protect and prevent all kinds of Scams and ripoff all around the world. Helping consumers save millions of dollars! ScamChecker™ stands strong in front of our consumers and we fight for your rights. The Law is on our side and under the First Amendment, consumers have a right to speak out and remain anonymous. As we have always done in the past, we can and will fight to protect your right to speak out anonymously when you have been cheated or wronged. This also means that your report and your intention must be to spread the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH. Making false statements about other people and businesses is WRONG, unlawful, and it's prohibited by the ScamChecker™ Terms of Service. ScamChecker™ won't be able to protect you if you make statements on this site which are not true.

Consumers feedbacks, input and support bring us huge motivations for ScamChecker™ employees and hearing your success stories bring hopes to other victims. If you would like to let us know how we have helped you, please e-mail us.

"ScamChecker™ has all Scam Reports!"

Thank you Scam Checker.com! Thanks for doing everything that you are doing! ScamChecker™ was very helpful in finding resources of a company that i was researching for. I could've been ended by being another victim. - John.L

"Wow, ScamChecker™ even have Reports of Online Sportsbook!"

I'm a regular online sportsbettor. I couldn't have received the money from that "customer scamming" website if it wasn't for ScamChecker™. I made a complaint report and showed it to the operator, He sent Western Union the same day. I guess it is the power of ScamChecker™! Thank you so much for your service. - Vince

"ScamChecker™ Saved me Nearly $30,000!"

I am so glad that i did my homework researching about wholesale digital (Chinese comapny). I have been in contact with this company for about 2 month and they seemed to have the product that I was searching for. I was ready to send them $30,000 USD but i felt that i should do some more background check with this Chinese company. When I googled the name of company, name of the receiver, I was shocked by the result i found. You have saved me from losing ... my everything! Whenever I talk about business, Now I recommend Scam Checker.com to everyone i know. I appreciate all the work you do. - Kenneth.M

"They deserve what's coming to them. Thank you for not removing my report."

These guys deserve what's coming to them. I might be one of the lucky ones, but there are others that have been victimized and have never got reimbursed. A lot of these internet companies are scamsters and its good you have a site that's advocating the innocent consumers. - Andrea

"ScamChecker™ helps Consumer Avoid Scam"

If it wasn't for ScamChecker™ i would of been another victim. I just wanted to say thank you ScamChecker™ for all the work you are doing and keep up the good work! - Sonya

"I'm glad that I searched out the address and that ScamChecker™ already had info"

My wife put up a bag for sale on craigslist and throughout the day 'janet' emailed her back and forth stating that she would use micjoe06@gmail.com for a money request towards paypal. I'm glad that I searched out the address and that scamchecker already had posted some info re the addy. Thankfully no money was sent and correspondence was terminated.- jessejames2010
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