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Someone Scammed Me

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Someone Scammed Me Online

As many of you know from my previous posts, I started selling Mark.  I’ve been doing everything I can to make an honest dollar.  (Paying for my makeup and beauty addiction can get expensive.  )  So, I opened my online Mark. Store, I told all my friends and family about my new business venture.  I wear the makeup everyday in hopes that someone will ask me what brand of makeup I use.  Of course, I would proudly say MARK. And hand them a business card with my number and address to my online store.

Anyways, a few days after I got my online store up and running, I was contacted by a woman.  She sent me an email asking me if I wanted to be her eRep.  I was like, “YES!  I’m excited and honoured to be your personal Mark. Representative.”

Okay, so she replied to my email.  She thanked me for agreeing to be her Mark. rep.  Then she went on and on about how she was deaf and the mother of two small kids.  That she was a retail buyer but that she didn’t know how to use the computer very well.  And because she didn’t know how to use the computer, she wanted to buy Mark. Products directly through me and not use the Internet at all.

I was like, “okay, let’s get started. What do you need?”  She must have asked for twelve items of everything. Well maybe not everything but it was almost $700 worth of stuff.  So, you can imagine how excited I was for this sale but at the same time something just didn’t feel right to me. I wondered why this lady wouldn’t just sign up to be a Mark. Representative herself and get the products she needed at a discount.

Anyways, I went along with the order. I emailed her back with the bill.

“Fantastic, where do you want me to send you the check” she replied, “and for pick up, I will send a movers company to pick up the order.”

So, I gave her the address to my home and emailed her “fine I will wait for your check to come in the mail but I WILL NOT order any products until the check clears and the funds are available to use.”

She asked, “what bank do you use?  And how long does it take for a check to clear?”

I answered both questions, and she said “that’s fine.  I’ll email you once I send you the check.”

Okay! I’ll let you know as soon as I get it in the mail.

At this point everything seemed okay.  So, I was like “yeah, my first big sale!  How exciting.”

Anyways, I received a fed-ex envelope on Friday.  Guess what?  It was a check for $3200!  I was like, “what’s this for?”

Soon after, I got another email form this lady saying to check my mailbox because she had already sent me the payment.  She even included a tracking number and everything.

So, I emailed her back and told her I had received the payment.  I thanked her and I told her I would deposit the check in the morning and wait until it cleared before I could get her the stuff she ordered. I also asked her why she had sent a check for $3200 when her bill was for $700? I bet you can’t imagine what she said?  (Or maybe you can?  I don’t know.  )

Here’s what she responded, it’s the exact email that I received:

Hello ,

Thanks for the response..The Excess funds remaining will be for Movers Co for the shipping/pick up arrangement to begin internationally But I’ll want you to get the check cash from your bank today and get your eRep orders fees deducted from the check immediately and send the remaining funds back to the shipping company information that is below via western union and use part of the money to pay for the western union fees. I already contact my movers and they are getting the paper work done for the pick up of the eRep item from your Place.

Also concerning the pickup, we will need the pickup address from you, where the orders is going to be picked up, also the scheduled time that shipper can come for the pickup.

I’ll want you to get fund sent to shippers via western union so they could get the paper work done before end of today. Here is the mover’s information where to get the fund paid to.

Shipper’s information

Name: Sherry Francis

Address: 111 Camberwell New Road,

London, SE5 1OU,

United Kingdom.

As soon as you send in the money i will like you to get this information send to me such as :







Oh no she didn’t just ask me to give her my money!    I was laughing at this point but VERY mad at the same time.  I sent them a nasty email, which I rather not publish.  Trust me, it was nasty.  I was pissed off, you know?  I couldn’t believe this person or these people claimed to be a deaf mother of two.

But that’s what they do to try and someone scam me out of my money. They fill your head with lies by telling you some story that sounds believable to try and gain your trust. Then they’ll send you a check of a certain amount of money. Ask you to deposit it into your bank account, get the money out, and send it to them before the check has even cleared. And a few days later YOU get a letter or call from your bank saying that the check didn’t have funds or that it was fake and the money that you took out of you account was your own money or the banks money, which you have to pay back out of your pocket.

Anyways, I’m just happy that I trusted my gut feeling all along and I didn’t send these people any money or Mark.


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